LIBRARY NOTES – September 2012

By Barbara Mellon

Mark your calendars! On Sunday, September 9th, from 2 – 5pm, the library will be celebrating its 90th Birthday to thank our patrons, volunteers and friends for all their support. Without them, the library wouldn’t be able to offer the public all the services they’ve come to expect from us. Join us for tasty snacks and wonderful company.

Among the most important things a library offers are research tools. Way back in the dark ages, these tools consisted of shelves filled with dusty books, racks of yellowed newspapers and drawers full of microfiche. No more! The online Research Center, available through the Four County Library System, offers our patrons a wide variety of resources which can be accessed from the computers here at the library, or from home. Go to, click on “Research Center” on the left side of the screen, enter your card number, and you’ll be able to navigate through sections such as “Automobile Repair”, “Business & Finance”, “Children’s Resources”, “Health & Wellness”, “Literature”, “Magazine Articles”, “Newspapers & Current Events”, “Practice Tests” and “Spanish-Language Resources.” The next time you have a few minutes, check it out. You may be surprised at the wealth of information available free through your library system.

Speaking of computers, we’re happy to announce that we recently had a new computer installed upstairs. The old system it replaced has been around for something like 12 years and was more than ready to be retired. One more to go and all four of our patron computers should be relatively up to date.

Another Andes Community Day defied Mother Nature! Despite gray and rainy weather predictions, no precipitation showed up to dampen spirits or crowds. The library again held a Giant Book Sale and managed to recycle hundreds of donated books while making enough money to put some new ones on our shelves. ~


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