By Bunny Muzzonigro (Muzzy)

Thursday, June 12th was an absolutely beautiful morning to get ready for and leave Andes for a Senior Bus Excursion to Matamoras, PA. My husband Tom and I were behind in our schedules and as we were exiting our house, the large charter bus was approaching our front lawn. (Thank you, angels, and our very nice bus driver who helped me across the clumpy grass!)

The charter bus seemed new with lively blue carpeting throughout the bus on the floors, walls and ceilings and the ride itself was very comfortable and relaxing. When we arrived at Matamoras, the outdoor temperature was way up there and the welcoming air conditioning at the Best Western was greatly needed and appreciated by all. The friendly hostess and banquet tables all set up for our hearty country breakfast was also much appreciated.

We then filed into the huge banquet hall and sat at tables assigned for Andes visitors, as there were bus tours from many other areas. The theme was “Country Western” with country music playing and later on dancing and entertainment. After breakfast, we had our choice as to whether we wanted to see the movie “War Horse,” go shopping at the gift shop or walk around the grounds and then play bingo. Being female, and never being here before, I chose the gift shop, while Tom strolled around the grounds overlooking a beautiful pond.

We sat at a wonderful table where we met our new friends, Mary and Joe, Joi, Kitty and Mary (the two of whom had left the table for a while to see the movie.) The rest of us played several rounds of bingo, with no winners from our table, but we had a lot of fun! Now it was time for our delicious country western barbeque dinner, which included country ribs, chicken, corn on the cob, baked beans, salad, rolls, dessert, coffee or tea.

The country western dancers and the line dancers got up to dance. The very talented country western singer performed some Loretta Lynn songs as well as many others. We all enjoyed the festivities.

Soon it was time to re-board the bus for our trip home and I wondered if we would sing “Show Me the Way to Go Home” or “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall,” but most of the riders closed their eyes and took a well-earned nap!

Our first Senior Bus Trip was so much fun and we all thanked Jane and Fred Berghammer for making all the many plans and arrangements (which was a lot of hard work and phone calls!!)

Thanks again, Jane and Fred, and we look forward to the next Senior Trip!  ~