By Bill Feldman

June 2, 2012 was an auspicious day here in Andes. Our new Rail Trail was introduced to a large crowd of Andes walkers and hikers.  Even though it rained the previous night, the trail was a pleasure to walk on, with beautiful views all around.


Ann Roberti, who is credited with seeing the project happen, enjoys the trail with others on opening day.

This Rail Trail was the result of many helping hands, including Wayne Decker, who generously donated the Train Depot to the town, and Marty Donnelly, Andes Town Supervisor, who helped shepherd the project through, and a special thanks to all the landowners who not only allow us to walk on their land but mowed their land for us as well.

Most of the credit, however, goes to Ann Roberti whose tireless energy, indomitable spirit and cheerful determination brought the project to completion.


Marlene Feldman enjoys the serenity of the new Rail Trail.

The section of the trail that opened unofficially on Saturday June 2, National Trails Day, extends above the Tremperskill for about 1/2 mile each way. The vistas, flowers and meadows make it a marvelous walk, one that because of its gentle nature makes it available to hikers of all abilities.

Go for a walk on the trail. Smell the flowers, take photos, and most of all enjoy this new view of our town.~