apl library-thumbnailBy Barbara Mellon


Dorothy Lyman and Mary Davis work on labeling project.

Are you interested in finance and investing and wonder where to get more information? Andes Public Library patrons have online access to the Morningstar Investment Research Center provided by the Four County Library System. Using this program, which includes data reports covering more than 20,000 securities, you can obtain comprehensive financial information on New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange, and NASDAQ stocks, thousands of mutual funds and hundreds of exchange-traded funds. Available are easy-to-use portfolio tools and calculators as well as various articles and videos. A user’s guide is available at the library for reference purposes.

Our volunteers are the backbone of the library. They do everything from covering books to fundraising, sorting donations to making minor repairs. The library staff would be lost without them. I’d like to take a moment to express my gratitude to a couple of new volunteers who have added a bit of professionalism to our space. Mary Davis, with the very able assistance of Dorothy Lyman, recently created and installed printed labels throughout the library to replace the handwritten ones we’d relied on for years.  They even perked up the children’s room with colorful lettering and stickers and that will help our younger patrons visually identify topics. Thank you, Mary and Dorothy, for adding your touch of class!`