By Judy Garrison

„ The Public Hearing on Local Law #1 of 2012, The Flood Damage Prevention Law scheduled for 12:45, immediately preceding the Board Meeting, was shorter than short as no one chose to speak. The Board adopted the aforementioned law, which supersedes the prior law, and issued a “negative declaration” under the SEQRA (State Environmental Quality Review Act).

„ Supervisor Marty Donnelly reported that the Tremperskill Store is no longer interested in hosting a steam cleaning station for Pepacton reservoir boats, and so he will be talking with Hogan’s about doing it;

„ There is $3,000 in the General Fund raised by the Healthy Heart initiative. Jennifer Finkle, as point person, agreed that $1,500 of that amount can be dedicated to walking trail improvements;

„ Josie Elwell has accepted the position of Director of the Andes Pool;

„ Supervisor Donnelly & Marge Merzig will be going to Kingston for a DEP meeting on April 19th. They hope to receive confirmation that the DEP will fund the cost of repairs and rehab to the wastewater treatment plant in the amount of $2.54MM. This amount will supplement the $280,000 already secured by the Town.

„ Town Clerk Kim Tosi recommended to the Board that they explore the creation of a deputy clerk position for the future, so that the deputy could substitute during any absence she might have and assist during times of heavy workload;

„ 2 Community Block Grants from the NYS Office of Community Renewal have been awarded to Andes through Delaware Opportunities;

„ Starting in May the Board will meet at 7:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of the month.~

„ Kim Tosi, Town Clerk, is posting minutes on the new town website: Go to www.townofandes.com and click on “minutes.” ~