To the Editorial Staff,

Could you please provide the Gazette readership with an explanation for the removal of most of the large Willow trees from Ballantine Park over the winter?  These mighty Willows provided lovely, dappled shade during the summer season and this was one of the great qualities of this park.

Although I am quite sure there was great thought and careful reasoning undertaken before reaching this decision, I am not aware that any sign has been posted or information published anywhere which conveys these explanations to anyone.

Several questions come to mind and perhaps others may be asking these same questions.  Are new trees being planted and, if so, will there be a variety of species?   Will these trees be of a size that will provide at least a little shade from the start?  Lastly, will any new trees be planted according to a pre-conceived plan? The tree removal now creates an opportunity to plant new trees in an arrangement which considers the different ways in which the park is enjoyed, by lone walkers and group gatherings alike.

Thank you, Gazette staff, for your great service to the town of Andes!


Thomas Navin