marywebBy Mary Tucker

March 20th brings the first day of Spring.  By March 14th the snow was gone and the day was so sunny and pleasant it seemed that Spring came a week early.

Several times a year, my neighbor Betty and I pick up cans, bottles, papers and other trash along Fall Clove Road.  Since it was so nice today we decided to get this job done. I started at my house, met Betty at her place and ended up two miles down at Fish Hollow Road picking up six grocery bags full.  We had two bags of cans and bottles to be returned to the grocery store for return of deposit, two bags of burnables; take out bags, paper cups, napkins and paper found along the road, and two bags of dirty bent cans and broken bottles to go in the compactor at the Andes Transfer Station.

All this “stuff” is not tossed out by Fall Clove residents.  I would like to ask all other drivers who use Fall Clove Road to refrain from littering our road and all the roads in the Town of Andes.  Andes is a beautiful place to live.  Let’s keep it that way for ourselves and our visitors.   ~