SENIORS ON THE GO – March 2012

By Mary Tucker

Despite waking up to snow falling, 17 from the Andes Senior Citizens Club ventured out to the February 16th meeting held at the Andes Fire Hall.

The potluck lunch started at noon with Gerald Norris giving thanks for all arriving safely, and for the meal we shared. We had several hot casseroles with chicken, pasta, and meatballs with sauce; they tasted so good on this cold, snowy day. For dessert there was cake, cookies, applesauce and Marie Gladstone’s special fruit dessert.

Jane Berghammer opened the business meeting at 12:30. During the meeting, members were reminded to file income taxes, STAR exemption forms and another form determining eligibility for a property tax exemption for seniors. If you have any questions, contact your local assessor. Forms must be filed by March 1st.

After discussing 2 trips in Matamoras, PA, which we could chose from for an April or May trip, we voted to go in early April to have a buffet dinner and all day entertainment. Details will be finalized and announced at the March meeting.

Thanks to Dot Andrews who won the 50-50 drawing and immediately turned it over to our treasurer.

Hostesses for our March meeting are Frances Stevens and Thelma Ruff. Remember this date – March 15th at the Andes Fire Hall. ~


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