By Buffy Calvert

A full house again attended the Andes Town Board meeting on February 14th.

Nick Burton had privilege of the floor and raised a number of questions for the Board. As a member of the group that decorates Bohlmann Park for the winter holidays, he admitted that they had chopped down the old straggly tree and erected a freshly cut one for the season. He asked permission to plant a new evergreen for the future. Permission was granted. He then asked a number of questions as a tax-paying citizen which were answered by the Supervisor, Marty Donnelly.

Kim Tosi, Town Clerk, announced that the Town of Andes website was under construction and should be up and running by April. She will publish the Board minutes and asked whether the names of attendees should be included. Is their attendance public knowledge or are there privacy concerns to be considered? This issue will be checked with Dave Merzig, Town Attorney.

She reminded the Board that the Town now has to furnish dog tags to owners who apply for licenses. She suggested that they also notify owners of the expiration of current licenses by post card. To meet these expenses, she suggested that the fee be raised to $5 per dog. This was agreed to.

Marty announced that the Pepacton Reservoir will be at long last opened to sailboats, canoes and kayaks. The Tremperskill Country Store will be a boat steam-cleaning spot [see article, page 7]

He also asked and received Board approval for a Bluegrass Festival to be held in Ballantine Park July 13, 14 and 15.


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