By Mary V. Tucker

Babysitting: Taking care of babies and children not old enough to be left home alone.

With 16 grandchildren, I’ve done my share of babysitting, and expect to do more, but I never thought I’d be “cat sitting”. Oliver is his name. My cousin, Rose, from Schenectady dropped Oliver off at the end of January and he will be here until February 21, while Rose and Bob enjoy their time in South Carolina and Florida. Oliver is a well-behaved cat, sleeps on my bed most of the day and likes to sleep next to me in bed at night. As I’m typing this article, Oliver is curled up, napping next to the printer. I feed him twice a day, 1 teaspoon of Fancy Feast canned food, a handful of Purina One, Smart Blend Salmon and Tuna Flavor and give him thyroid medicine morning and evening. I put water in a container next to his food, but Oliver likes to drink the water left in the bottom of the bathtub.

Oliver is an indoor cat so I have to remember to keep the front door closed when I run out to get my mail. Oliver and my dog Dozer get along well, no growling or hissing, just a sniff or two when Oliver first arrived. There is just one more week until the 21st when he will be picked up. I think I’ll miss Oliver when he’s gone.


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