THE WAY WE WERE – February 2012

The Way We Were

Culled by Judy Garrison

From February 1912 issues of The Andes Recorder

100 Years Ago



  Events of a Week as Chronicled by

the Man on the Street


 With commentary by Jim Andrews


A book club has been organized for the ladies


The Delaware Valley Dinner held in the Hotel Manhattan, New York, Saturday evening, January 27, was largest in point of attendance that the society has given. President William W. Dimmick was toastmaster. At the guests’ table were seated R. A. Pearson ex-commissioner of agriculture; Hon. Jas G. Cannon;…Judge Kellogg, of Oneonta; Peter G. Gerry; Robert L. Gerry;…ex-Justice M. Linn Bruce; F. W. Ayer, Meridale Farms; Harry Dowie, president of National Poultry Dealers’ association; Assemblyman Wheeler.

As soon as roast duck was served the president announced the entry of Delaware county buckwheat cakes and Delaware county maple syrup and everybody cheered. The Glee Club sang, “Where the Catskills Lift their Summits to the Sun” by Alex Grant Jackson [Ed.: We have a lead to a possible copy of the sheet music for this song. If it is unearthed, we will print in next month’s Gazette.]….Among the speakers was..Andrew J.Nicoll, an illustrated talk on cow testing work and keeping dairy accounts; Judge Kellogg, early history of the county.

The lights were turned off and Mr.Dimmick gave a steriopticon demonstration, showing attractive pictures of Andes, Delhi, Franklin, Downsville, Hobart, Margaretville, Roxbury, Stamford, Sidney, Walton and other views. [Jim Andrews: This would have been a “magic lantern” show with the slides in stereo to produce a 3-D effect being projected using either a kerosene fueled projector, or and I assume being in the city, an early electric lamp.] Ex-Congressman Bennett made the closing address, and spoke of the pure springs, grandeur of scenery, agricultural products, etc. of Delaware Valley.


A number of Italians employed on the D. & N. and living in a shanty near Margaretville, caught an owl recently and stuffed, baked and ate the bird. The sons of Italy soon grew sick and sent for a doctor. [[JA: I have heard this story retold several different ways and it has been written up in Harry Archer’s book, “The Damn Nuisance,” about the history of the D and N Railroad. There is some quote about not eating “the big-eyed bird”.]


Charles Olson has moved his batchelor [sic] quarters from Elmer Ackerley’s house to John Connor’s bungalow on High street.


The ladies of the United Presbyterian church will hold a Valentine Party at the homes of W. T. Hyzer and D. L. Bruce [JA: now the Groom and Hann residences] in Andes village on Wednesday evening February 14…The young men will find the artificial hearts at Hyzer’s, and the genuine heart “that beats for you” at both places…..


For the first time in the memory of man Palmer Hill has not been blocked with immense drifts.


The Italian wood choppers who have been cutting acid wood for Albert Ruff on the Roney farm [JA: the Bill Ruff farm], Palmer Hill, for several months, are preparing to move to the Lambrecht farm on Dingle Hill and chop timber and wood for James Murdock, who recently purchased the farm.


Rabbit hunting has been the rage the past week. The record was 13 one day and 16 another, with numerous smaller catches.

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