By Buffy Calvert

On December 3rd, as we gathered at Bohlmann Park, near the crèche heaped with Norway spruce boughs, I thought, “Oh I wish there was snow like last year. The children had so much fun rolling down the little slope.” I needn’t have worried. The children ran around the boulder and traced the names of war dead on the plaques, discovered paths and broke out into intricate running games. We sang carols and winter songs led by Tamara Tuch and Janice Armstrong. Maureen O’Reilly worked her magic. On the count of “ONE!” the tree blazed out in brilliant color. Scarcely a moment later, the big red fire truck pulled to the curb, announced by siren and lights. Santa, finding no chair at the stable, led a crowd of children and parents into the library. One little boy was heard to say in awe, “Let’s see how many people we can stuff into the library!” At least 60, I’d say. And goodies galore, served by the PTSA. Followed by hot, homemade soups and all kinds of bread and rolls at the Hunting Tavern, hosted by the ASHC.

Sally O’Neill and Dorothy McArdle have festooned our old fashioned street lamps with lighted wreaths. Holiday spirit is brimming in Andes.~


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