SENIORS ON THE GO – January 2012

By Mary V. Tucker

On Thursday, December 15th the Andes Senior Citizens held their Christmas Party at the Andes Fire Hall. Marie Gladstone prepared Roast Turkey, Dressing, and Gravy.  The others brought the rest of the dinner, starting with appetizers and ending with dessert. We had twenty six attending so there were plenty of choices to suit many palates.

The usual business meeting was not held this month. In its place we had the Yankee Swap. This is a game where numbers are assigned for picking a gift. If the person picking doesn’t like or want the gift picked they can swap it with a gift picked by someone else. Now the person whose gift was taken can pick a gift that someone else has or pick one from the table. Sounds complicated but it works and is lots of fun. President Joi Brundege conducted the swap and kept us in order. Candy and cows seemed the gifts people chose to bring; there were at least four boxes of chocolate and three gifts featuring cows. The swapping was fast, exciting and fun. Everyone seemed to be happy with the gift they ended up with. I came away with an eight-inch tall soft Santa figure. Everyone pitched in to clean up.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, January 19th. Jane Berghammer suggested that the meeting be canceled if it is snowy or slippery as nothing special is scheduled for January.


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