By Judy Garrison

I interviewed Chris and Dj Long, a very personable couple, at Woody’s over coffee. I knew from talking to Chris that their company could provide heating oil at a competitive rate, and wanted to understand how. Dj (from Djennarra, her full name) went to high school in Andes when she was

Chris and Djennarra (Dj) Long of Allison Oil, Inc.

Dj Fitzgerald, and then returned to Staten Island. The company is named for their daughter Allison, who is an 8th grader at ACS. They bought property on Dingle Hill in 1996 and started building their Lincoln log home in 1997. They had owned an oil company in Port Ewen, near Kingston, where Chris is from, and wanting to make Andes their permanent home, decided to tailor a company to their new roots here. They are very much enjoying living here in Andes.

Here’s how they do it. They buy oil off the barge at the Kingston terminal and with their 3,000 gallon truck (they hope to have a second one next year) travel the Route 28 corridor where they make deliveries along the way home. Once in Andes they schedule deliveries locally, as far as Delhi. With no fuel tanks, no office outside their home, no staff besides the 2 of them, a relatively short travel distance and a lighter than average truck, they are operating on basically minimal overhead. This enables them to offer the low price on fuel (as of December 14th) of $3.499 per gallon, considerably less than the rates at other dealers. They will arrange either automatic deliveries, or a C.O.D. (cash on delivery) arrangement, and they can accept credit card payment as well as cash or checks. Word of mouth and some local advertising (see their ad in the Gazette) is garnering them many customers, but more are welcome. They can give referrals to local oil burner service people in all the regions where they operate.

So, whether you already have a contract or arrangement with a fuel deliverer or are looking for one, keep Allison Oil in mind. You can use them for a fill or for full service.

If you like to add kerosene to your fuel oil, they will do that, too. Call 845-676-HEAT at any time of day to reach Chris or Dj. If they are not at home, leave a message on their answering machine, and they will get back to you any day of the week. ~


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