LIBRARY NOTES – December 2011

By Barbara Mellon

AUDIO ALERT! Once again we’ve received a delivery of over 40 new titles as part of the Audio Circuit program from the Four County Library System. With the holidays upon us, having an audio book in the car with you can help pass those long hours on the road traveling to celebrate with family and friends.

Peeking at the beautifully wrapped gifts under a Christmas Tree can’t help but fill me with anticipation, eager to see what delights await inside the shiny paper. That’s how I am feeling now about the landscaping work recently completed here at the Library. A border of boxwood, plenty of periwinkles, clematis and daylilies have all been planted around the building and deck. The change even at this time of year is already extraordinary, but this spring visitors to the Library as well as Bohlmann Park will be in for a fabulous treat as the flowers and bushes burst forth with their lushness. I for one am tingling with anticipation.

Looking for information about the history or geography of Andes and Delaware County? Want to know more about the railroads that were once such a vital part of the commerce of New York? Interested in reading either fiction or non-fiction written by local residents? Our “Local History” section is located on the second floor and contains books on a variety of subjects relating to our area, not just history. Most are available to check out although some of the rarer volumes are for reference only. ~


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