By Phyllis Galowitz

On my way home, one sunny afternoon in the first week of November, I came across a strange sight on a neighbor’s front lawn. A herd of horses belonging to Suze Skovsende, that stay in the fenced-in meadow across the street from me, had, it seems, escaped, crossed the road and were wandering freely from one lawn to another. Traffic was at a standstill while the sheriff, others from his department and some young men, whom I didn’t know, were trying to round them up and lead them safely across Route 28 back to their home. I don’t know how the fence was broken or what attracted the horses to the other side of the street (was the grass greener?) but they were all led back and hopefully, the fence has been repaired.

A day or two later, on an Indian summer day, I had the opportunity to do what should have been done earlier but wasn’t. I dug up the dahlias and prepared them for their winter storage, cut down the perennials and collected fallen, dead branches. In the middle of the lawn was an enormous pile of manure that the horses had left me, evidence of their having been visitors to me, as well as to my neighbors. I shoveled it onto a nearby bed, distributing it evenly, and hoped that the snow blanketing it over the winter, would turn it into beautiful fertilizer by next spring. Thank you horses for your gift!

The bird feeders have been hung in their places again and it’s nice to see my old friends back where I can watch them. I hope the bears are hibernating and won’t notice them.

I look forward to this time of the year. The outdoor chores are finished. It’s time to direct my attention to houseplants and to have an excuse to stay indoors, read, listen to music, enjoy the views from my windows and do some cooking. I love making a big pot of soup with everything in it. The house smells wonderful and warm. I freeze it in portions and am always prepared for lazy, one-dish meals after a busy day of shopping, swimming at the SUNY Delhi Pool or visiting friends. ~

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