SENIORS ON THE GO – November 2011

By Mary Tucker

Sixteen signed in for the October 20th lunch and meeting at noon at the Andes Fire Hall. After lunch President Jane Berghammer welcomed eight new members. We all introduced ourselves to the new people by standing up and giving our name. Treasurer’s report, secretary’s report, and Senior Council were read and accepted.

A birthday card signed by all was presented to Marie Gladstone on her birthday today, and we sang “Happy Birthday” to her.

A get well card was also signed and sent to Joi Brundege who is in the hospital in Norwich after having hip surgery. Bill Elwood reported that she is making a good recovery and hopes to be transferred to Mountainside or the VA Hospital in Rome, NY for therapy.

A car pool trip is being planned to see “Cinderella” at State University in Oneonta on Sunday December 11th. Two performances are scheduled, one on Saturday evening and the other on Sunday. Final decision will be made at our meeting in November.

Fred Berghammer looked up trips available in the spring, all at Matamoras, Pennsylvania, namely an Italian Fest in May, a Country and Western in July, an Apple Fest in September, and a German Fest in October. Think about which trips you would pick. There is a possibility that we could do two trips.

Our Christmas Party will be on December 15th. Highlight of the party will be the Yankee Swap Gift Exchange. More about this next month.

Senior Council report was given by Gerald Norris. The good news was that no damage was done to any of the meal sites as a result of Hurricane Irene. The Senior Council, led by Wayne Shephard, who is replacing Tom Briggs at the Office of the Aging, has many new projects in the works. Wayne would like to start an Adult Day Care Center one day a week in Walton where functioning adults from all of Delaware County can be left while their caregivers take care of their own business. There will also be a 10 hour Computer Training Course concentrating on Email, digital photography, and Facebook at the ECenter in Delhi. Call Ben Bray at the ECenter for more information.

Our next meeting will be on November 17, same time, same place. Adjourned at 1:30. ~


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