LIBRARY NOTES – November 2011

By Barbara Mellon

Autumn started with quite a bit of activity at the library. In late September, Laurie and Ira McIntosh, with help from Ava and Charlie, regaled us with their special brand of stories and songs. How wonderful it always is to hear music in the building, and to see parents and children enjoying an evening together.

In October, a full house showed up to hear Herb Grommeck read from his recently published book about the history of his family’s farm. In a heartwarming moment, his nephew Dan thanked Herb for producing the book; he looked forward to sharing it with his own children, who were also in the audience. Bud Gladstone noted that the Grommecks had always been good neighbors as the two families both built and ran dairy farms along Gladstone Hollow.

If you have been past the library lately, you may have noticed the landscaping work going on. Dancing Stone Company is planting boxwood and periwinkle along the front of the building and putting in some perennials in the back. Come spring we will be greeted with the results of their labor.


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