LIBRARY NOTES – August 2011

By Barbara Mellon

Summer is in full swing here at the Andes Public Library. The book club held their July meeting in the new gazebo; those attending were thrilled with the new accommodations. And after checking it out myself, I can attest to the fact that our WI-FI signal works out there. It may be a little hard to concentrate on computer work while being lulled by the music of the stream, but what a pleasant place to try.

I found a note on my desk the other day wrapped around a dollar bill. It said “I grabbed a paperback [from our used book sale] to enjoy on my bicycle ride across the country to Montana. This town is wonderful. Thank you!” Yes, we may grumble about the weather, the economy and any number of other daily concerns, but isn’t it nice to hear that a visitor sees what we too often forget—Andes is a great little town full of wonderful people.

Speaking of which… we always have lots of used books available for sale. You can’t beat the prices; hardcover books are 50¢ each, or 3 for $1, and paperbacks are 25¢ a piece (5 for $1). Most of the sale books are donations; some old, some brand new, with topics ranging from steamy bodice-rippers to the history of espionage. You never know what might show up. Browse the shelves on the porch any time, or drop in when you see the Open sign out to see what items are available inside.  ~


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