By Steve Swanson

The Andes Food Bank is supported by the donations of local friends and by food deliveries from Delaware Opportunities, Inc. in Hamden. Joe Sicinski and Jane Soderback have handled most of the duties on Tuesdays (11-1) while Jim Barrett is in attendance on Fridays (4-7).

Delaware Opportunities recently lost their grant which paid for drivers and vans to deliver to our Food Bank and other local food banks. As the rules now stand, D.O. can’t deliver and we can’t pick up! People without food have to drive (assuming they have a car) to Hamden to get what they need. We can’t help them.

Hopefully this situation will soon change. As with all state agencies, finding the right person to ask is akin to seeking the Holy Grail a la Indiana Jones. But maybe common sense will prevail and, by the time you read this, our food supply will be restored. That dream is little comfort for our neighbors who count on our help.  ~

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