By Judy Garrison

Richard Giles and Holley White

When many of us want to “get out of town” for a change, but not go far, we take ourselves over to the Lucky Dog Farm Store in Hamden, run by Holley White, either for a fabulous lunch at their café (Asian salad, paninis, freshly made soups, frittatas are all beyond superb), or to shop for their fresh produce, grass fed meats, the grains and herbs and honey on the shelves. There are also interesting books, some vintage clothing, antiques and plenty more. Richard Giles, Holley White’s husband, is in charge of the organic farm that surrounds the store property and provides the produce for their store as well as many other stores and markets. They are both from the south via professional lives in Brooklyn, and have become leaders and inspirational role models in the organic and locavore movement happily pervading Delaware County.

Now, as you may have heard, Holley has acquired the local institution (just across the street) called The Hamden Inn, a gathering place for friends and families for eons. I had a convivial evening meal there recently with a group of women entrepreneurs and business proprietors, and we couldn’t say enough good things about the food: fresh, delicious and interesting. Holley is very happy with her new chef, Brady Duhane, who has cooked in New York City, Boston and Cape Cod. He highlights fresh vegetables, with many vegetarian entrees, but you can have a burger, seafood, oysters, or chicken and steak as well.  They have their liquor license, so you can order a bottle of wine or a gin and tonic with your meal, or you can just patronize the bar. The Inn is open every day except Sunday evenings. You can eat inside or on their new deck. Visit The Hamden Inn’s Facebook page for the latest updates and comments. Good luck to you, Holley, and thank you for taking this on and getting the Hamden Inn going again, and with your special touch!~


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