By Barbara Mellon

Music, food, friendship all combined for a wonderful afternoon as the annual Open House was held here at the Library. Despite the “on again, off again” showers and only a partially completed gazebo and deck, musicians “rosined up their bows” to provide some impromptu entertainment for those who came to christen the new outdoor space. Savory and sweet gastronomical treats kept people munching and talking, (not to mention dancing). Tables and chairs will soon be added to make the area even more hospitable to those seeking a refuge for reading, using their computers, or even indulging in some good old-fashioned daydreaming, lulled by the melody of the nearby brook.

Despite the construction happening around them, a family of robins took up residence atop a vent pipe in the rear of the library. Daily peeks out the back door kept us abreast of the progress as the baby birds hatched out of their eggs, continuously chastised mom for not being quick enough with their meals and then finally spread their wings and moved on.

Don’t forget. Wednesday mornings at 11 am is Story Hour. Children of all ages are welcome to join us for reading, talking and playing.

Looking for a book that we don’t have on our shelves? Don’t feel limited. Through the Interlibrary Loan system we can borrow books from any of the other libraries in the Four County Library System. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, we have resources that can search far and wide to locate items. If it can be found, the folks at Four County will do it.  ~

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