By Jack McShane

Clarence (Gibby) Gibson lends a hand and a tractor and a cart to the cause

Yes, that was the renowned “Bag Ladies of Andes” you observed cruising the roads back in early April. This time there were five: Ann, Judy, Sarah, Nancy and the motorized and enthusiastic gentleman of the road ‘Gibby’. So, to be fair is it “The Bag Ladies + One” or is it “Bag Persons of Andes”? I believe Gibby may have been filling in for the no-show Marty but who knows. They all went about their business with great ardor, perched perilously along ditch and culvert grabbing with extended grabbers all that did not belong on the sides of our roads and depositing same in plastic bags supplied by the Catskill Watershed Corp. The bags filled with detritus of various sorts were later picked up by the Andes Highway Department and disposed of properly at the transfer station. There is a plea for more help in the future; volunteers who have pride in our community are more than welcome. Some might even give it a try along the roads in front of their own homes.

Nancy and Sarah with some of the bagged trash

Cheers and thanks to the “Bag Persons of Andes.”   ~

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