SENIORS ON THE GO – March 2011

By Mary Tucker

February 17, 2011: After Gerald Norris welcomed 10 seniors with prayer at 12:00 pm we had such a good lunch that there was not much to take home. We had two pasta casseroles, a rice dish, deviled eggs, Marie’s fruit salad and vegetable salad. For dessert we had bananas, apples, semidried plums and a very special chocolate cheesecake made by Joi Brundege. Tickets for the Senior Council Brunch on March 27, 2011 are available from Betty Little for $17.50 person. A portion of the fee is used for senior programs. The brunch, serving from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm, at the Hospitality Center in Alumni Hall at SUNY Delhi. A shuttle bus from parking lot E runs several times that morning. 

Lunch is served! Joi Brundege, Mary Tucker, Fred Berghammer and Betty Little fill their plates from the delicious dishes brought by members

Like pancakes? You’re in luck! It’s pancakes, pancakes, pancakes. The Senior Council pancake breakfast is on March 5 at Hamden Town Hall. Then, in the spirit of ecumenism, the Methodists are joining with the Presbyterians to hold a pancake supper on March 8 to benefit the Baptists in Walton whose church burned down. The event will be held at the Presbyterian Church from 5-7 pm.  Look for posters with more information.

Michael McDermott will be at our March and April meetings at 11:15 am to do health assessments; blood pressure, heart rate, lung function.

Our next meeting is on March 17, same time, same place. Since President Joi will be away, Pastor Sue Woodworth volunteered to lead the meeting. Bob Kerstan and his Wash Tub Band will be on hand to lead a sing-a-long of Irish tunes. Come along!  ~

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