By Robert L. Chakar, Jr., Ed.D., ACS Superintendent

 As we look forward to an early thaw, Andes is working on a variety of student-led performances. The next musical events are the musical Dear Edwina, and Detour 2 Andes. I would like to schedule Andes Has Talent for next year in November, 2011. All dates of these events will be advertised as we move closer.

Andes children are again being afforded wonderful opportunities to see the world. This March, our Travel Club advisors, Mr. Rhone and Mr. McGee, have organized a wonderful learning opportunity for our sophomores and juniors to go to Ojai, California. Their trip will be focused on farming, the agricultural industry and the use of greenhouses to grow crops year round. This will coincide with our goal of constructing a greenhouse in the spring for our children.

In addition, our senior class will be going to Puerto Rico in March. The senior trip has been a long time coming. The senior class advisor, Ms. Tucker, has facilitated this opportunity.  Our Class of 2011 has been saving throughout the high school years. This trip is eagerly awaited by our seniors.

Lastly, the third quarter of the school year is underway.  After an initial review of the second quarter data, it appears that the Andes student body in grades 5-12 once again attained academic excellence at different levels.  We will be having an assembly in the coming weeks to recognize and celebrate these successes.  In closing, as Andes moves through the month of March and into April, the Board will be working diligently in preparing a budget for the community to vote on in May.~

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