Jonathan Andrews as Iago the Parrot and Ashley Terry as Jafar - photo by Joe Damone

By Robert L. Chakar, Jr., Ed.D.,  Superintendent of School

As school districts across the state continue to struggle with declining revenues, declining student enrollment, and other struggles during this national economic downturn, one thing has remained the same at Andes; community support for its children.

This past weekend demonstrated what community support, parent and faculty involvement, and the life span of past leadership can do. While retired after three decades of working in education, past superintendent of Andes, Mr. John Bernhardt, continues to pour his energy and free time in the investment of the Andes school children.

Aladdin, which was performed on Saturday, December 4th and Sunday, December 5th was incredibly well attended by parents, faculty and community members. The efforts of our Music Department, led by Ms. Tamara Snyder and Ms. Janice Armstrong, were key ingredients for the play. In addition, technical support was spearheaded by our school nurse, Mr. Ed Sanford, with assistance by Mr. Gary Winghart and Ms. Wendy Redden. The efforts of all turned out an incredible experience for the children and the school.

Mr. Bernhardt, a past leader of Andes, still fills our hallways and our stage with his passion for the Arts and his dedication to the spirit of the community. Andes looks forward to the spring when we will be putting on yet another production for our dedicated community of learners. ~

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