Leigh Infield, Phyllis Galowitz, Buffy Calvert, Garnette Arledge, Judy Garrison, Joi Brundege and Rima Walker share thoughts on one of the selected books

By Judy Garrison

This convivial group, which meets in the library’s Community Room on the 1st Thursday of each month at 4 pm, is open to anyone who finds the announced selection to be worthy of discussion.

The group, while it has its lively and social aspects, is serious to the extent that discussion adheres closely to the material read.  Participants do bring the richness of their personal experiences and perspectives into the discussion and there is much interchange of ideas and opinions.

For the first year or two the format we followed was that the person who recommended the selection led the session. That sometimes still happens, but Rima Walker, a former college English professor, has willingly and expertly led many sessions.  The group has also done very well leaderless at times.  That was true at the last meeting when during conversation about Mary Karr’s memoir Lit, it seemed everyone had a personal and valuable contribution to make.

Everyone is welcome to come and just listen!

Meets:  Andes Public Library, 4-5:30 pm, 1st Thursdays. ~

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