CHA CHA HUT OPENS – November 2010

By Phyllis Galowitz

Cherie and Frank Davis have officially opened the CHA CHA HUT in Hogan’s back room. The smells emanating from the smoker in the backyard are tantalizing and if you weren’t hungry when you walked in, they will certainly make you want to try everything on the menu!

After an unfortunate beginning in Roxbury, when a fire caused them to close what had been a very successful business, Cherie and Frank were happy to have made this alliance with Don Hogan and they are up and running again. They have rented the space from Don. A serving counter has been built, and Hogan’s and the Cha Cha Hut will share the seating space. When spring comes, there will be streamside seating for both businesses outdoors in the naturally beautiful setting that they share.

The Saturday before opening day there was a preview, as there was on Community Day. Both times, people lined up to sample the menu and neither day could I get a chance to talk to the owners. I didn’t have to… the customers did the talking! People came from Margaretville and Roxbury who had been to the former Cha Cha Hut. They seemed to know just what to order and raved to each other about the quality and the generosity of the sandwiches and side dishes.

I ordered the Pulled Pork Sandwich with a side of coleslaw to take home with me. I couldn’t resist; it smelled so good! I watched as they made the sandwiches, piled high with freshly smoked and sliced meats. There is a help-yourself-table with homemade sauces, both spicy and mellow. Asked about vegetarian items, Cherie explained to me that she and Frank felt that there was certainly a need for them and they have several offerings, including smoked macaroni and cheese, on the menu to satisfy the most finicky of vegetarians! They are also experimenting constantly with new recipes. The day I was there they were trying a new recipe for corn bread. I took home a “Side-of-the-Moment”, an absolutely scrumptious chili with a mixture of all the meats and beans, perfectly seasoned to my rather spicy taste!

Beverages are limited and that’s where Hogan’s will be able to fill in.

A number of BBQ packages are offered for home entertaining, and special deals and events will be announced on Stop by on Thursdays or Sundays from 12-9 pm or Friday and Saturdays from 12-10 pm. ~

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