THE FIRST 150 PAGES OF EVERMORE by Alyson Noel – September 2010

Reviewed by Rachel Sage *

Ever was a normal popular girl with a loving family and, as always, an annoying Picture22little sister. But when an accident “separates” her and her family, Ever is left with only her aunt Sabine. After the trauma of the accident, she soon realizes that she can not yet see other people’s auras, she can read minds and know someone’s life story by a single touch. Also, seeing her dead sister’s ghost is just part of the day. Avoiding physical contact and having a boyfriend isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, so she goes without. With only two people she can call friends in her newhigh school she doesn’t have to worry about too much drama …or so she thinks.When a new kid, Damen, comes to school, no one can deny that he is gorgeous! Except for Ever who refuses to even look at him knowing if she gets attached it will be all down hill. Of course she can’t not look at him forever. Her friends, Haven the Goth princess and Miles the sensitive, lovable homosexual, have both gone completely gaga over him. Damen is exotic, daring and totally cute. As Ever stays hidden in her hoodies and baggy jeans she hopes to be unnoticed by Damen, but altogether fails when they “coincidentally” run into each other all the time. Soon they are considered a couple but when he is caught with other girls he finally tells her that, and I quote, “I suck at love.” With Damen’s undeniable charm he is forgiven, and now they are officially a couple.~

*Rachel is a 6th grade student at Delaware Academy in September