LIBRARY NOTES — September 2010

By Barbara Mellon

apl library-thumbnailSummer is always a busy time here at the Andes Public Library and this year is no different. Our new first floor patron computer has finally arrived and is getting a lot of use, as are the three other systems available on the 2nd floor.  For those who carry laptops with them, wireless internet access is also available. Many a day I have arrived at the library to find someone sitting on the front porch making use of this free service.

Audio Book Lovers: We’ve just received a new delivery of audio books from the Four County Library System. Among the titles now available are Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford, Rise, Let Us be on Our Way by John Paul II, The American Dream by Dan Rather, In the Belly of the Bloodhound by L.A. Meyer, Without Mercy by Jack Higgins and The Rosetta Key by William Dietrich. As usual, quite a range of styles. Whether you want to fill the time while commuting to and from work or are looking for a diversion during a longer drive, try listening to a book instead of the radio. You might find yourself hooked.

On Community Day we welcomed over 50 people who stopped by to browse the used books on sale as well as check out the rest of the facilities. It’s always great to see new faces step through the door. Over the summer we’ve received visits from many folks who were travelling through the area, had recently relocated here or were visiting family. A couple honeymooning at a cabin in the mountains even stopped by for a bit. If you haven’t been to the library in a while, we invite you to wander in whenever you see the Open sign hanging outside. You might be surprised at what we have to offer.  ~