By Rachel Sage

Picture1Two years ago I went through the “faerie stage” that most girls do, but I was also in a poetry stage. I picked up a few books from the book store by Cicely Mary Barker.Her small series of books called Flower Fairies combine amazingly illustrated picture books with small poems. I read these books over and over again, loving them every time. These books cover all the seasons along with wayside and tree fairies. These books were very unique and nothing like anything I have ever read before. These books have and always will have a place on my bookshelves. (right between A Book of Secrets and Julie of the Wolves). These books definitely are on my favorites list!!!  The illustrations, also by Cicely Mary Baker, are, to me, breathtaking. They make me feel like I could walk right into them and fly away!!! I have moved into a different house lately and the scenery is beautiful in summer and in spring there is green and wildflowers and in winter all the trees are sprinkled with snow (I know that from pictures) and in autumn the trees are golden and russet. I love these books and always will.Find out more!!        Rachel’s out…..PEACE!!!

*Rachel will be a 6th grade student at Delaware Academy in September