The Way We Were – August 2010

100 years-thumbnailCulled by Judy Garrison From August 1910 issues of

The Andes Recorder  100 Years Ago

Week In and About ANDES


Events of a Week as Chronicled by the Man on the Street


John T. Monroe and bride, of White Plains, are spending a portion of their honeymoon with his mother, Mrs. Geo. Sutherland, on Cabin Hill.  The bride was Miss Caroline Miller of Long Island.  They spent two weeks sight seeing in Canada, visiting Montreal and Quebec. [Andes Gazette editors, mothers all, in fact approve of his including Mom in the honeymoon.]


Gypsies camped at the old mill over Sabbath.


The following are some of the teachers hired in this vicinity: Margaret Craig, Gladstone Hollow;  Elizabeth Fletcher, Palmer Hill; Bessie Wight, State Road;  Marguerite Fowler, Bussy Hollow;  Mary Fletcher, Pleasant Valley;  Helen King, Fall Clove; Mrs. Chas. Spiers, lower district Dingle Hill;  Elizabeth Gill, Davis district Dingle Hill; Laura Worden, Lower New Kingston. [Ed.: We include this entry to give a sense of all of the small schools in Andes at that time.]


The moonlight festival at Perch Lake on Friday evening was a success.  The night was brilliant with moonlight, the grove was gay with Japanese lanterns and decorations.  The Andes band filled the air with sweet music and all had a splendid time, with good things to tempt the appetite, and the people emptied their pockets for the benefit of the Pleasant Valley church to the amount of $35,  net.


A re-union of the decendants [sic] of Walter Gladstone and Isabella Biggar was held Friday at the home of George Gladstone in Bovina Center and about twenty-five were present.  Eight brothers and sisters again assembled around the festive board as in days of yore in Gladstone Hollow.  Children and grandchildren were also there and a day was pleasantly spent.  As a souvenir of the gathering the company was photographed.


A novelty social will be held on the lawn of Mrs. C. L. Wakeman, Tuesday evening, August 23.  Among the many novel attractions will be a camp fire with a gypsy tent in the back ground with wonderful fortunes for young and old.  Over the roaring fire a kettle will be kept boiling with green corn.  There will also be hot dogs and rolls, ice cream, cake and coffee, candy and punch.  We expect some exciting games of croquet as arrangements have been made so there will be no excuse for missing wickets.  A putting clock will also be introduced.  The Andes Cornet Band has been invited to play and with a number of swings and hammocks and Japanese lanterns the grounds will make a fine sight.~