By Mary V. Tucker


Carol Tubbs selling her wares on Main Street (Photo by Joe Damone)

On holiday weekends, Carol Tubbs will be on the sidewalk a short way from the Farmers Market with a large selection of jellies and jams made the old fashioned way, which keeps well over a long period of time, not the quick-set freezer jam.

Carol and Don Tubbs moved to Andes when Don started teaching at Andes Central School. Carol was a stay-at-home Mom for a time; she said she took up making jelly for her family to keep from being bored while their five children were in school. Imagine having time to be bored with all the comings and goings of that size family. Friends who received the jelly as a gift urged her to make it for sale. Carol started selling jam and jelly in 1988.

Carol gets her fruit in several different ways. Currants, rhubarb and berries are picked locally while in season. Daughter Nancy brings strawberries from Georgia. Other fruit comes from roadside stands. She uses much of the berries and fruit as it is picked; the rest is stored in her freezer enabling her to make jam and jelly all year long. Each year Carol fills approximately 150 jars. Available are all the different berry types, currant and rhubarb, used singly or mixed as the spirit moves her. Desired combinations can be made on request.

Recently Carol started making Spiced Walnuts by mixing a secret combination of spices with walnuts and baking them. These are yummy but be careful — they can be addictive.

If you want a cholesterol-free spread for your morning toast, stop and meet Carol on Main Street in Andes. Her jams and jellies are also available at Woody’s. ~