To the Editors:

I live on Herrick Road in Andes. Recently our bridge was damaged due to a recent storm. I would like to say from all of us on Herrick Road “Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts to all the people on the road and from the surrounding towns, thank you for helping us reconstruct our bridge.” The people from surrounding towns that helped those on our road who pitched in are Jay Wright, Sr., Jimmy from the Andes Transfer Station, Shayne Moshier and Isaiah Hunter. THANK YOU!! We really never knew each other except for a wave hello when passing. Now I feel that we all pulled together to help one another, that we now know each other more than just a wave hello and a quick chat. This was a big deal for us, losing our bridge, and scary also. Having to worry about the children and elderly having no access to emergency services was a big deal. Again to all that helped, a heartfelt thanks and job well done!



Karen Ventimiglia