By Maria A. Ditchek

Imagine waking up one morning and finding that the only access to the outside world, Route 28, is no longer an option. That is exactly what happened on March 23rd, when, due to the torrential rains, our Herrick Road Bridge totally collapsed. Frightening, as there was absolutely no way for the residents to leave the wonderful hill we call our home.

Herrick Road is a private road, and, as such we could not expect the Town of Andes to provide any relief – other than to point us in the right direction in obtaining the necessary permits in order to rebuild without damaging the water that is so precious to New York City, and the trout – precious to the anglers.

Picture1A footpath was quickly built so that the children could get to school and for us to carry on our lives as best we could. We applied and within 24 hours received an emergency permit from the Dept. of Environmental Conservation.

After a meeting with all the residents, and via email with the week-enders, we determined the approximate cost of the enterprise and quickly pooled all resources: backhoes, stone, pipe, hay, tamper, and water pumps. Amazing what can be done when an emergency occurs. Within one day, and with the help of all our residents and friendly neighbors, our bridge was built. And what a bridge it is.~