apl library-thumbnailBy Barbara Mellon

Spring has arrived in Andes and at the library we are looking forward to having the colors outside our windows match the fresh green hue of the walls inside.  Isn’t this just the most wonderful time of year?

With the change of seasons we are experiencing a change at the Library.  Tyler Gray has been elected to the position of President of the Board of Trustees, taking over the reins from Buffy Calvert who has served the community in this capacity for nearly 10 years.  Buffy has put so much of herself into the library that it is hard to imagine the place without her leadership. Thankfully, she will remain as a board member, so her passion for the library and its mission will continue to be felt in ways too numerous to mention. We are all grateful to her for all that she has done for the library, and congratulate Tyler on his new endeavor. The role he has to fill is mighty, but there is no doubt that he is up to the task.

Now that everyone is out of hibernation, a variety of events is finding its way onto the calendar. On June 13th, we will thank our patrons and sponsors for supporting the library with an afternoon reception. Programs being scheduled will range from insights on job-hunting strategies by a representative from CDO Workforce, a Jane Austen Night at 7 p.m. on May 17th led by Garnette Arledge to a book signing and talk by Ada Calhoun, author of Instinctive Parenting. Interested in all things Italian? Judy Garrison and Maria Ditchek will be facilitating an “Italian Circle”, a chance to share Italian language, recipes, and books.  A workshop on making greeting cards and information on health topics are also among the events being set up. Watch for signs around town or stop by the library to find out what is happening.

The Andes Library has just received a gift subscription to the bi-monthly magazine “Farm Show” that touts itself as the only farm magazine “dedicated to searching out ‘made it myself’ machines born in farm workshops.”  With columns such as “Farmers Nominate Best, Worst Buys,” “Money-Saving Repairs and Maintenance Shortcuts” and “Money-Making Ideas to Boost Farm Income,” it’s full of information about the world of agriculture.  The 2010 edition of The Best of Farm Show is available now at library. Come take a look!~