BOOK REVIEW – May 2010


Reviewed by Rachel Sage *

This month I read a book called The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams. This book takes place in a Mormon community where fathers can have as many wives as they want. Kyra was a normal Mormon girl who respects the leader, Prophet Childs and the Apostles of God. With three mothers and almost twenty siblings her life is crazy enough, but when she finds a library on wheels and discovers her love of books, things spin out. She feels a sin on her shoulders at all times knowing she has betrayed her family. As soon as things calm down things get hectic all over again, and she falls in love with a man who isn’t even old enough to choose her! Her life is completely out of control with her almost twenty siblings, the library on wheels and now her love. Things can’t get worse until the Prophet Childs and his Apostles come to her trailer and tell her that she has been chosen for her sixty year-old uncle! Will she get out of it? Will she and her love be a happily-ever-after sorta thing? All good questions, all answered by reading this book! ~

*Rachel is a 5th grade student at Delaware Academy