New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

Reviewed by Rachel Sage*

Picture13This month’s report is about the second book of the Twilight saga called New Moon. New Moon is about pure heartache. Edward thinks it’s safer for Bella if he never existed. He leads her to the woods and tells her goodbye. Bella can’t survive without him but when she meets up with Jacob, a friend from years past, she bonds with him until it’s almost impossible for her to leave his side. Jacob keeps Bella together, from not falling apart. When Bella finds out that when she is in trouble she can hear Edward’s voice, she becomes an adrenaline junkie and Jacob won’t let her do it alone. When Bella goes to the extreme and slips away, will she come back down? Will her relationship with Jacob become something else? Will Edward come back? Read the book and find out! 🙂


*Rachel is a 5th grade student at Delaware Academy