By Judy Garrison

With all the news surrounding the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, I contacted Letty Johnson, Director of Donor Relations at Andes-based CitiHope International, to find out if and how the organization was involved in relief efforts.


Citi-Hope International staff and volunteer pack supplies to be shipped to Haiti.


As follow-up, Letty sent photos of a team of CitiHope staff and volunteers on Saturday, the 16th, packing pallets of medicine and medical supplies for departure from Andes on Monday, January 18th, via truck driven by a local volunteer to Florida.  The staff expects the shipment to be in the air on the 18th on its way to Jimani Hospital on the border of the Dominican Republic and Haiti (on their shared island of Hispaniola).  The U.S. military is airlifting seriously injured victims to this hospital for triage.  Around 35 volunteer physicians and RNs are working around the clock.  Letty recounted that when they ran out of bandages they began tearing their own t-shirts into strips for bandages.  The CitiHope shipment contains bandages, gauze and other products for wound care.

For further updates on CitiHope’s response to the Haitian tragedy visit their website  You can mail a donation to CitiHope at P.O. Box 38, Andes, NY 13731  or call 845-676-4400.

Coincidently, Tamara Moore (of Main Street Andes), had landed in Port-au-Prince the morning of the earthquake on a mission for World Vision.  Fortunately, a late-day appointment at a food program an hour out of the city kept her from being at the epicenter.  Tamara had reassured them that she was fine and will stay there for relief work. ~


The people of St. Anne’s Roman Catholic Church in Andes were asked to help their neighbors in Haiti after the earthquake. A special collection was taken at the January 17th service. Checks made to the Sacred Heart Haiti Relief were sent on to Catholic Charities, an agency which responds to emergency needs worldwide.~