4 WAYS TO SAVOR WINTER – February 2010

befriend a brook, sled, follow the lure, walk on water.



“… watch the brook purl through its narrow defile”











Every day watch the brook

purl through its narrow defile

thrusting out fingers of lacy ice.

They touch and cling,

little bridges swathed in snow,

stark white against

the dark swirls of the stream.

More snowcapped rooflets form,

curling around whirlpools which

plunge and froth until sheathed in turn.

One morning you see only

a long curving boa of snow.

The lovely, ever-changing song of the brook

dims and deepens to a faint

susurration under the ice.


Go up to the sledding hill.

Before you whiz down in a swirl of icy flakes

lift your eyes to the mountains

improbably crowned with white lace.


Lured by this mystery

climb up Cabin or Palmer Hill

to a sparkling, spine tingling

wonderland: every twig snow-frosted

in the crystalline air.


On a still, sunny day

stand with a friend in the middle

of a lake (a pond will do).

Cut off from the world,

magically walking on water and

bathed in the sun’s warmth,

bask in flowing conversation,

companionable silences,



Buffy Calvert



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