LIBRARY NOTES – February 2010

apl library-thumbnailHAIL & FAREWELL — by Buffy Calvert

First, the FAREWELLS: Last month, we at the Andes Public Library learned that two of our staff were planning to move away. Devastating news, as both Director Valerie Brown and Assistant Director Laurie McIntosh are wonderful at their jobs. Valerie, in two years, has made the administration of the library with its many facets look easy. Her depth of book knowledge and warm, personal connection with every one of our patrons have drawn flocks of new community members through our doors.

Laurie, “Story Laurie,” has shone in family and children’s programs beyond our wildest dreams. Story Hour, the Story Telling Troupe, and evenings of terrific creative delight are just some of the gifts she has bestowed.

Both Valerie and Laurie will be remembered forever for valiantly spearheading the renovation, which required packing up our entire operation, moving to temporary space across the street and moving back to make brilliant use of our beautiful new quarters. They did it with grace.

We appreciate their years of service and will miss them more than we can say.

One piece of good news is that Gloria Carlson, our invaluable book and DVD buyer and lovely Friday anchor-woman is staying on. Super!

Now for the HAIL! After a month of assiduously seeking and sifting really splendid applications for the new job of Director of the Library (rolling both Valerie’s and Laurie’s jobs into one), the Board of Trustees is thrilled to announce that Barbara Mellon has accepted the position.

Many of you will know Barbara as Library Treasurer, editor, layout maven and calendar keeper for the Andes Gazette, Fire District Treasurer, Court Clerk, former Writers in the Mountains board member, Newsletter editor for the Andes Society for History and Culture, Community Day Co-Chair, IT guru and friendliest newcomer in Andes. I’ve probably left stuff out.

Please welcome her in her new role at the library. We know she will welcome you!   ~