ACS photo thumbnailBy Robert L. Chakar, Jr., Ed.D.

Superintendent of ACS

One of Andes’ own, Mr. Adam VanValkenburgh, a physical education teacher at Andes Central School took second place in his division in the World Horseshoe Tournament held in Springfield, Illinois.

From July 27th through August 8th the horseshoe world gathered together for the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association World Tournament. This year marked the 100th Anniversary of the NHPA. Two residents, Adam VanValkenburgh and Patrick Armstrong were among the 1,330 participants entered this year. Adam finished 2nd and Patrick 8th in their respective.

Horseshoes pitching is growing in popularity in Andes. A significant reason for that is Bill Day’s WeatherTite Barn. This year the barn was sanctioned to be able to hold NHPA tournaments.  ~