KIDS, PUMPKINS and PTSA – October 2009

By Claudia Costa-Jacobson

School is well into this academic year. The Senior class is 14 strong and the Class of 2022 has 10 tykes. Total enrollment is about 115 children. The sports program is active; information about dates and times for girls’ and boys’ games can be found at

The first Open House of the year is planned for October 22 from 6:30 until 8:00 and even if you do not have a student in your family, community members are invited to attend.

There is always something welcoming about school. Shiny floors along hallways lined with colorful bulletin boards filled with imaginative artwork including pumpkins of every sort an active imagination can conjure..

Of course, our school has needs. In the September issue of The Andes Gazette new ACS Superintendent Dr. Chakar defined the relationship between the school and our Andes community as “the school is hub of the community and the pulse of the community. The school is key for the survival of the town. The school is a magnet for community activity”. If you agree, it is time to demonstrate your belief by joining the PTSA (parents’, teachers’, students’ association). The PTSA is in need of all who respect the educational process and enjoy working with and for students and giving of themselves to their community. There are a couple of compelling projects for which help is currently needed, one has to do with the upcoming town election and providing a forum to ask candidates questions. This is time-sensitive since the election is in November. Knowing where candidates stand regarding the school is crucial. Having the PTSA create a forum and then inviting candidates and constituents to come and participate will happen only if people volunteer.

Volunteerism is of such importance it has become part of the national conversation. We can’t pay for everything we need. If we are going to have a hometown that is an enriched community rather than just an address, many more have to give more, so everybody gets enough.

Maybe you were a member before, maybe your kids are grown, maybe you work in a neighboring community or across the world and want to give to your community, maybe you’re on the Historical Society or sit at The Round Table, or sing in a choir, or never thought your help is needed. Busy people know how to get things done. The PTSA needs you now, right now. Call Jan Stevens at 676-3166.