Quite a few folks have been spotted peaking into Dick Little’s truck when it happens to be parked on Main Street. Seems they’re all eager to get a look at his adorable new puppy. Dick assures us that the tiny dog is named Cookie, no matter what you might hear from Gerald Norris. The name “Cookie” was selected because the pup’s coloring resembles that of a chocolate chip cookie.

2007 ACS graduate Jessica Bouton has opened a new business in town; Jess About Massage, located at 22 Delaware Avenue. Check out the beautiful new sign! A licensed massage therapist, Jessica studied Swedish massage, connective tissue, reflexology, trigger point therapy, sports and other modalities at the Finger Lakes School of Massage. Give her a call at 676-3224 or drop by to have her work on those aches and pains.

Jeff and Maria Ditchek, long time second home owners will be moving up permanently in August from Clifton, New Jersey. They live in the “silo” house” on Herrick Road where they have created beautiful gardens and a pond.

Merna Popper has re-opened her shop, Andes Antiques & Art, at 173 Main Street after completing renovations to expand the size of the building in the back. Beautiful items in a beautiful setting; be sure to stop by and see the new space.. ~