By Mary Tucker

Marlys Hann and Rima Walker’s gardens are both good examples of village gardens on small lots. Marlys’s lavender petunias and the Dutchman’s Pipe which shades the porch catch your eye and lead to the back of her home where she has a variety of shrubs, trees, potted plants and outdoor sitting areas. As you go deeper into the garden you come to an area that features a flowering tree and shrubs with different colored foliage. The fence is lined with perennials. By the edge of the brook, comfortable chairs and a table invite one to sit and relax awhile.

Picture11Rima’s garden offers beautiful bulbs that bloom early followed by bedding plants that she replaces as the flowers fade. A fenced in garden behind the house is filled with perennials and flowering trees guaranteeing that something is always blooming from spring to fall. Early this spring, Rima presented me with beautiful lilacs grown by the brook at the back of her lot.  ~