Dear Editors:Bill Tubbs and I saw a mountain lion at Beech Hill Road & Route 30 on the Pepacton Reservoir in the summer of 1989. We watched it for over a minute. Tail was 2 ½ feet long. The cat was approximately 3′ in height, 3-4′ in length, about 40 to 60 lbs.

Don Liddle

Editors Note: Don told us that he has observed many bobcats and was sure it wasn’t a bobcat. Bill Tubbs is deceased and therefore not around to corroborate. They were on their way to work, or might have (or might not have!) pursued it. It was on reservoir land.

Great publication – Congratulations for your continued outstanding support of Andes.

Gordon C. Edwards

Dear Friends of the Andes Gazette,

Before I left Andes, my brother and family from Ohio visited me and we had a family gathering in August 2007. At that time my niece gave me several clippings of a plant that was in her brother Kevin’s office. Because of his untimely death and the fact he was our godson, I wanted to nurture this plant with love. All through 2008 it grew & grew but I did not know what it was. In November it had quite a few buds, and by Christmastime the prettiest small rose-colored blossoms. At that time I learned it is a Kalanchoe. Reading Phyllis’s article in the February Gazette brought this to mind.

Marie Gladstone, my friend and classmate, gave me a subscription to the Gazette last year and I realized how much I enjoyed it. Therefore, I am renewing my subscription early as I do not want to miss an issue.

It was very difficult to leave my home, family and friends in Andes, but I am making a good life for myself here in a small town called Edneyville, N.C.

Love & Affection for you all

Ellen Weaver

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