Dear Editors:
Today, I’m really, really, really, going to do it! Write to the Editorial Staff of the Andes Gazette and tell them how very much I enjoy their publication.For several years now, I have been receiving the Andes Gazette and avidly read it cover to cover; and for months I have been saying (mostly to myself) that I really should write and say how much I like it – especially the articles on gardening. Having always lived in a City and never dreaming that I would finish my days digging in the dirt trying to grow vegetables and flowers, I learned from some of your articles that I was expecting too much and trying to grow things that just were not indigenous to this area. So now I have become more relaxed about it all and get pleasure from the more simple or common species. I’ve always been partial to Daisies, “which is a good thing” as they grow everywhere – especially the driveway.

I digress, as usual, back to Andes Gazette; the article written by Barbara Mellon on Kari Hall and her love for critically ill and physically challenged animals was particularly noteworthy. It’s not many people today, young or old, who take the time to care for handicapped and terminally ill people or animals and Kari is certainly to be commended. As a matter of fact, it has inspired me to make a donation to Angel’s Gate. (Just hope sending a donation doesn’t take as long as getting to write this e-mail did…..).

Keep up the good work Kari and that goes for all of you who publish the Andes Gazette.

Valerie Ravenhill
Harford, PA


Dear Editors:
Someone called my attention to the AARP notice in the [February 2009] Gazette. There is a mistake. It is not a requirement as of 2009 for all seniors to take the course every three years. The only thing three years is about is getting the discount on insurance. One has to take the course every three years to get the senior discount on insurance. Maybe you can make that correction in the next issue. There is no requirement at all to take this course.

Thank you,
Gerald (Norris)

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