OUR READERS WRITE – December 2008

To the Editors:I have just read “Driving Out of My Rut” by Barbara Mellon in November’s Andes Gazette. It really hit home as I have been feeling rut-bound lately, too and was delighted by your article. I savor the glimpses of Andes I get from the Gazette and get ideas for my too infrequent journeys up there. (I am the daughter of the late Lois and Malcolm Monroe, who are both buried in the Andes cemetery. Mom also lived in Andes from 1980 to 2000 and took an active part in the life of the village.)

Thank you, Barbara, for your vivid nature descriptions, your photographs and your obvious love of this area which holds a cherished place in my heart’s geography, too. I read recently that contact with nature refreshes our involuntary attention, which then restores our focused attention.

Thanks again for your memorable article and photos

(Ms.) Rosemary Monroe

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