THE WAY WE WERE – October 1908

Culled from October 1908 issues of
The Andes Recorder — 100 Years Ago

Events of a Week as Chronicled by the
Man on the Street


A Hold Up: Monday evening as John Hamilton who lives on Dingle Hill, was returning from Arena he was held up in the woods below L. H. Shaffer’s by two men. He was driving oxen and the first intimation he had of trouble was when he was seized from behind and pulled from the seat. He had a check of $60 cashed that day and first report was that the highwaymen had secured this. Later reports, however, state that most of that amount was in the pocket of an under pair of pants, and they only secured what was in the pockets of the outer pants, about $7. [Ed.: Who knew about the dangers of being mugged while driving a pair of oxen? Or that farmers wore two pairs of pants. Could the hold-up men be the same as the three mentioned in the following item, same Recorder issue?]

Suspicious characters: Wednesday morning three men were discovered in H. V. Wagstaff’s barn on Palmer Hill, covered up in the straw. Before disturbing them Mr. Wagstaff secured Thomas Cowan and they went to the barn and routed out the intruders who took their departure after considerable muttering. When found they had on overalls and had the appearance of working men. Before they reached Andes they had taken these off and were well and had money. At Andes they bought tickets for Arkville and left on the 1:20 train. At Arkville they purchased tickets and took the train for New York. What they were doing here is a mystery.

A new iron bridge has been erected on Delaware avenue to span the stream at the store of Hotchkiss & Tuttle, taking the place of the old wooden structure. [JA: Where Merna Popper has her store-next to Cantina.]

This week Isaac and George Fletcher of Shavertown started for Kingston with a drove of cows and while being driven along the line of the Ulster & Delaware, a train coming suddenly around a sharp curve, collided with the herd and killed 14 cows.

T.S. Miller is busy making cider at his mill on upper Main street, and will continue making until November 1, but will make none after that date. [JA: Pearl Jaddis’ place-the same as Miller’s Foundry.]

Friday evening the Andes lodge of Odd Fellows was instituted with twenty members. The following officers were elected: J. S. Forrest, noble grand; Alden Liddle, vice grand; Chas. B. Johnson, recording secretary; Floyd Porter, financial secretary; David P. Mayham, treasurer. About 150 members of the order from neighboring towns were present. [The IOOF (Independent Order of Odd Fellows) met in the lodge rooms above Dickson’s store (now Cantina).] ~

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