At the August 7th Town Board meeting, Highway Superintendent Mike McAdams reported the following in regard to the recent flooding:

  • FEMA estimates $3 million damage throughout the Town
  • It is estimated that 90% of town roads sustained some level of damage

In response to this news, Supervisor Martin Donnelly suggests that the new Highway Garage be put on hold unless the Town is told, in writing, that there will be $3.5 million coming from FEMA and SEMO for the July 2008 flooding. “The impact to our taxpayers would just be too great.” The Town is still awaiting FEMA money from the flood of 2006.

In better news, the town has been approved by the CWC for a total of $825,000 (less 15% unless hardship is proven) to fix storm water runoffs on High Street and Coulter Road. In addition, $100,000 has been approved for the Gladstone Hollow culvert project.

The new Town Hall has recently been enhanced by the addition of an awning over the Delware Avenue door. This matches the awning over the side door and really brings the building together visually.

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